Slideability: How a new attribute emerged from user input.

Slideability is a term that has gained significant traction in the industrial and logistics sectors. The attribute refers to the ability of a trolley or cart to slide smoothly into a tight space using castors. The concept of slideability emerged as a result of feedback from end-users who desired greater ease of movement.

Swede-Wheel is keen on providing its customers with the best products that meet their specific needs. In response to customer feedback, Swede-Wheel collaborated with a client to change to a new castor model to improve various aspects of their equipment. However, during testing, the end-users noticed that the new castor had lost the ability to slide which was a natural way for them to work.

The feedback from end-users on the importance of slideability has led to an increased emphasis on the attribute in the material handling industry. Swede-Wheel has picked up the attribute and is now in the process of testing wheels and their Slideability.


slideability resultat copy.jpg


Filip, Test technician oversees the test center.

“We have a good understanding of how our castor performs in other important attributes like weight resistance, rolling resistance and grip strength but slideability is something we now started test for and learning about. I think the fact that we have close partnerships with our customers helps us keep one ear to the ground and develop castors for the end user.”


When it comes to selecting castors for your equipment, it is essential to consider the specific needs of your application. If you operate in a confined space with limited maneuverability, slideability may be a critical factor to consider. Other factors, such as load capacity and stability, may be more important in other situations. Swede-Wheel understands that different applications require different solutions and can work with clients to develop custom solutions that meet their specific needs.


In conclusion, slideability is an essential attribute that enables operators to move equipment into tight spaces with ease, saving time and improving safety. Swede-Wheel's focus on customer feedback and collaboration has led to the development of castors and wheels that prioritize slideability, based on end-user insights. As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, Swede-Wheel remains committed to providing its customers with the best products that meet their specific needs.