A grey institutional castor on a trolley.

Institutional Castors

Institutional castors are our absolute flagship product. We offer a wide standard range with plenty of mounting options. For example, you can easily mount our institutional castors with a threaded center hole using just one screw, saving you a lot of time. Additionally, we provide several different designed institutional castor series.

Our standard plain-bearing institutional castors come in more versions than those shown on the website. For instance, you can get the castors with our environmentally friendly green wheels or in our soft version with a hardness of 50° Shore A.

Swede-Wheel offers a comprehensive product line of institutional castors that vary in size, load capacity, mounting type, and surface finish. This allows users to choose the best castor type for their specific application and design needs.




With recycled plastic and steel Eco-41 is the world´s greenest castor-

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Within shopfitting, Swede-Wheels castors are often used to make shelves and retail displays easy to move and adjust. This enables a flexible layout and simple rearrangements. Swede-Wheels institutional castors can also be used to make other shopfitting equipment and fixtures easier to handle and transport.

Solutions for your industry

Swede-Wheels castors are also used in a variety of other industries, including industrial, transportation, warehouse, and medical equipment. Regardless of the required application, Swede-Wheels castors have proven to be reliable, durable, and user-friendly.

If you're looking for high-quality institutional castors for your business or industry, you can rely on Swede-Wheel to provide the best solutions.

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