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Swede-Wheel offers a wide range of accessories to complement your swivel casters. These accessories include foot guards, pressure feet to provide extra support and stability, as well as directional locks to secure the wheels in a specific direction. Other accessories that may be available include brakes, wheel stops, and mounting pins. With these accessories, Swede-Wheel can help you customize your swivel casters according to your specific needs and requirements.



A floor lock is a friction brake and an alternative to brake wheels when high efficiency is required. The locking mechanism is always accessible in the same position, and it is easy and efficient to both lock and unlock it! This saves the user a lot of time!

When the floor lock is activated, it securely immobilizes the cart by applying pressure to the floor. This takes up a portion of the load from the cart, providing stability. However, the majority of the cart's load still goes through the wheels! The floor lock's rubber pad creates friction against the floor surface, ensuring that the cart remains securely locked in place.

Directional lock

With directional locks on one or more swivel casters, you have the flexibility to use all four wheels as swivel casters when needed. When you require stable straight-line movement, you simply engage the directional locks. This application is ideal for situations where long distances need to be covered in a straight direction.