Stock levels

As a logged in user, you can easily see if we have a product in stock.

We have two different seArvices, below is a description of how we intended you to interpret and use the information / service to make your job easier.

It is important to point out that all stock statuses on the website are indications and a snapshot. We only guarantee delivery after we have sent out an order confirmation.


Quick check.

On each product card you can find the stock status through a symbol of a truck lastbil grön.png

If the truck is green, we have the complete item you are in ready for delivery on the shelf. If we do not have the complete item available, the truck is instead red.

NOTE, just because the truck is red does not mean that we cannot deliver, the item may be in parts and thus available after handling or in other versions.


How many and when? 

If you want to ask/get an availability check for a specific number and delivery date, you must use our stock balance check, which you will find under the tab "Stock status" on the article's information page. This service provides answers as to whether we have your requested number available on the dates you wish.

If it is not available according to the request, you will instead receive an answer as to when it will be available.


It is important to point out that just because you get the answer that it is available, there is no guarantee that we can deliver as desired. The answer is an indication of when the product is theoretically available just when the question is asked, a snapshot. Article can be booked by someone else, handling may be required on our part which means that we can only deliver later, etc.

It may also be the case that you receive an answer that we can deliver in 3 weeks, which is often standard in manufacturing / more extensive handling, but of course we work towards being as flexible as possible. If you are dependent on faster delivery, ask the question. Many times it can be solved.

If you have questions or concerns about stock balance or anything else concerning products and / or our website, there is always someone available who can help you at / +46 370 37 37 20 or contact your sales contact with us.