Nylon PA6

PA6 wheels, also known as nylon wheels, are hard plastic wheels typically produced through molding. The material was invented in 1935 by a chemist at Dupont. In the history of wheels, nylon wheels became a replacement for steel wheels as they were both cheaper and lighter. Nylon wheels are the most commonly used plastic wheels due to their versatility and wide range of applications.



Mats elaborates

As mentioned, PP and PA6 are similar in some ways, but what is the actual difference and which one is right for me? Our technical sales representative, Mats Persson, has delved deeper into the differences between these materials.

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More on PA6

Nylon wheels are characterized by their hard tread, which provides low rolling resistance. Nylon does not leave marks and has good resistance to UV radiation and several aggressive chemical substances. However, it is not resistant to oxidizing agents and strong salt solutions. Due to its hardness, nylon wheels are also capable of bearing heavy loads and retain this characteristic even in extreme temperatures, down to -40°C.

Nylon is well-suited for use on flat floors, but for uneven surfaces, other materials are recommended. The hard wheel is not optimal for delicate surfaces as there is a risk of gravel or other hard objects getting trapped between the tread and the surface, potentially causing scratches.

Nylon wheels from Swede-Wheel

Swede-Wheel offers a range of nylon wheels that provide reliable performance and durability. Our nylon wheels are designed to meet various needs and applications. With their hard tread, they offer low rolling resistance and can handle heavy loads effectively. These wheels are resistant to UV radiation and many chemical substances, making them suitable for use in different environments.

Swede-Wheel's nylon wheels are available in different sizes and configurations to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need nylon wheels for industrial carts, material handling equipment, or other applications, we have options to suit your needs. Our nylon wheels are built to withstand challenging conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

Please note that it's always important to consider the specific requirements of your application and consult with our technical sales team to ensure you choose the right nylon wheel for your needs.


Slideability is a term that has become significant in the industrial and logistics sectors. The attribute refers to the ability of a cart to smoothly glide into a tight space using wheels. The concept emerged as a result of feedback from end users who desired greater maneuverability.

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Test center

The testing center is a significant part of our operations. It plays a key role in ensuring the quality of our products and provides valuable opportunities to acquire in-depth technical knowledge.

Testing is particularly useful when it comes to understanding materials. It provides a forum for objectively discussing the properties that materials possess or lack. The knowledge generated in the testing center is utilized by the development department, which then translates it into production processes.

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