Elastic rubber castors

The elastic rubber wheel is floor-protective and reduces noise. The wheels are soft with low rolling resistance, long lifespan, and excellent shock absorption capabilities. An elastic wheel is a great choice if you plan to use it in a variety of environments/floors and/or if you have high ergonomic requirements.

This wheel is compatible with the entire standard range of industrial/material handling Swede-Wheel brackets.



Mats elaborates

Read more about elastomeric rubber as our technical sales representative, Mats, explains the history and advantages of the material.

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More on elastic rubber wheels

Elastic rubber wheels are chosen when good comfort is desired. They have low rolling resistance, provide shock and vibration absorption, roll quietly, and are capable of deformation and returning to their original shape. They perform best in dry environments free from oils. The wheel has a versatile range of applications in light to medium-duty material handling, and is used for various types of carts such as storage carts, laundry carts, roll containers, tool carts, and waste containers.

Swede-Wheel offers a wide range of elastic rubber wheels in diameters ranging from 80 to 400 mm. On our website, you can find wheels with slide, roll, or ball bearings, where wheels with gray or blue treads do not leave marks. The wheels are available as loose wheels or mounted on brackets. I believe that ball-bearing wheels should be used in the majority of cases.

Test center

The testing center is a significant part of our operations. It plays a key role in ensuring the quality of our products and provides valuable opportunities to acquire in-depth technical knowledge.

Testing is particularly useful when it comes to understanding materials. It provides a forum for objectively discussing the properties that materials possess or lack. The knowledge generated in the testing center is utilized by the development department, which then translates it into production processes.

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