Furniture Castors

Discover high-quality furniture castors from Swede-Wheel. With our furniture castors, you can effortlessly enhance the mobility and functionality of your furniture pieces. Our innovative designs seamlessly integrate aesthetics and performance, ensuring a perfect balance between style and convenience. Swede-Wheel's furniture castors are the ideal choice for adding versatility and ease to your projects.

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Style & Functionality

Swede-Wheels furniture casters are an excellent solution for those seeking an easy way to update their home or office without compromising the functionality or quality of the furniture. With Swede Wheels furniture casters, you can easily and quickly change the appearance of your furniture while retaining the comfortable sitting position and a stable feel.

Furniture Castors

We have a wide range of wheels tailored to different types of furniture. For instance, we can offer chair casters in standard Ø40-75mm, twin wheel casters in Ø40-125mm, as well as ottoman casters in 15-50mm.

If you need wheels that fit more designer furniture, we can recommend our 65mm twin wheel caster, available in several different finishes, such as all-black, high-gloss chrome sides, or gray/black.

Our furniture casters come with various mountings, including flat plate, threaded stem, and stem with a locking ring.

Great arsenal of solutions

At Swede-Wheel, we offer a wide range of furniture casters to suit all needs and preferences. Our assortment includes wheels in various sizes, materials, and designs, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your furniture. We have smooth-rolling wheels for easy maneuverability, locked wheels for stable support, and wheels with brakes for easy control. We are also pleased to provide customized solutions to ensure you get the wheels that best meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a solution for home, office, or industrial use, we have what you need at Swede-Wheel.

Bed Castors

Bed castors are the perfect solution if you have something that needs to move in a fixed path while maintaining a low profile. A common area of use is shelves, where ottoman wheels provide a frictionless experience.

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