Swede-Wheel was founded in 1942 and is Scandinavia's leading wheel manufacturer. Briefly offers wheels that can handle weights up to 7.5 tons, with a diameter from 15-400 mm.

Our mission is to make life easier by speeding things up. The heaviest thing becomes easy to handle when you put wheels under it.

Our roots stretch from Hillerstorp to Ningbo in China.
Hillerstorp in Småland has our head office with product development, production, warehousing and packaging of wheels in all its forms. We have a subsidiary in Ningbo (Swede-Wheel QLC, China).



Hillerstorp is in the heart of the so called Gnosjö Region in Sweden most known for its innovative ways in manufacturing high quality products as cost effectively as possible and the local patriotism, “If I can help my neighbour by getting him a job, then I will”.

We are proud to be a part of this community and believe it’s a strength helping us in being a better sub-contractor to our clients. 

At Swede-Wheel HQ we take pride in our own production and with more than 75 years’ experience in producing castors we feel safe that we have the know how to face new challenges in the future.

We design, develop, construct and produce both plastic and sheet metal in our own highly automated plant. The production in combination with our complementary production in our Chinese plant as well as a developed trade network gives us a complete offer in wheels and castors.

Productions picture.

Swede-Wheel Ningbo, China

Swede-Wheel QLC, Ningbo, China started 2006 as a Quality and Logistics Center serving Swede-Wheel AB in Hillerstorp. Now, almost 15 years later, QLC are standing on their own two legs and are primarily serving the Asian and Oceanic market and are secondarily a supplier to Swede-Wheel AB.

All products produced by Swede-Wheel Ningbo or their partners are tested according to or inspired by EN-standard. QLC has the same work routines and methods as Swede-Wheel AB in testing and securing the right quality.  

Ningbo offers standard and client drawing specific products to a cost effective price in both plastic and sheet metal.