Heavy duty castors

Swede-Wheels' history and historical offerings are not primarily associated with heavy-duty castors. However, in the early part of the last decade, we had the opportunity to enter into a new partnership with a major customer in the Nordic market. This partnership required a broader product range than Swede-Wheels' traditional strengths in apparatus, furniture, and light to medium-duty industrial castors. Over the course of a few years, we expanded our product range and invested a significant amount of time and effort in learning about the new segment we call Heavy-Duty.

Even almost a decade later, we are still learning, but the Heavy-Duty segment has become a natural part of Swede-Wheel. With strong partnerships and substantial investments in stocking the heavier segment in Hillerstorp, we can now supply the European market with a wide range of heavy-duty castors with short lead times. Our heavy-duty range includes castors ranging from 80mm to 400mm in diameter, with a dynamic load capacity of up to 6.3 tons.

Heavy-duty castors material variation

Explore our range of heavy-duty castors designed to meet demanding industrial and commercial needs. Our heavy-duty casters are built to handle heavy loads and provide smooth and safe mobility on various surfaces. Whether it's warehouse facilities, production plants, or other heavy-duty environments, you can rely on our heavy-duty casters for reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Discover our wide selection and choose the perfect heavy-duty castors for your demanding applications. Contact us today for more information about our high-quality heavy-duty castors.


Cast polyurethane provides low rolling resistance, as well as smooth and silent operation. This is an incredibly versatile wheel used in various applications and environments, such as in street sweepers, in the manufacturing of wind turbines, and for handling large and heavy products. Its high weight capacity and wide tread make this wheel optimal for moving heavy equipment in industrial settings without damaging surfaces like epoxy floors.


Cast green elastic polyurethane with a hardness of 83°Shore A combines the low rolling resistance of an elastic rubber wheel with the high durability of a polyurethane wheel. It has very low rolling resistance and offers smooth and silent operation. This type of wheel is commonly used in various material handling applications and internal logistics where there is a need for low rolling resistance, such as on carts in longer truck/AGV trains. The elasticity reduces rolling resistance, and the wide tread provides excellent traction in tight curves, etc.


Cast brown elastic polyurethane with a hardness of 93°Shore A and a convex tread, just like the wheel mentioned above with a hardness of 83°Shore A, offers very low rolling resistance and smooth and silent operation. The smaller contact area of the convex tread with the surface allows the swivel wheel to turn more easily, making it suitable for use with manually driven carts and carts that need to change direction sharply in smaller spaces. The areas of application for this wheel are similar to those for the softer green option mentioned above. The difference is that the harder tread requires less force to start rolling from a stationary position, making it more suitable for slightly heavier loads than the green option.


Cast nylon wheel PA6G has a very high load-bearing capacity, with properties similar to those of steel wheels. It is the surface-friendly nature that makes it a great alternative to steel wheels. It is non-marking with a long lifespan, high resistance to shock loads, and excellent resistance to oils and chemicals. These wheels have low rolling resistance on clean, smooth surfaces but can easily get stuck on obstacles such as uneven surfaces or small stones. An example of its application can be found in production/maintenance halls for moving boats. In other words, it is suitable for heavy-duty applications.