Swede-Wheel presents: A "Småländsk" Castor

Discover the Småländsk Castor: Swedish Design Meets Sustainable Innovation

The Småländsk castor series, emerging from Småland, Sweden, embodies the blend of resourcefulness and quality inherent to its people. Crafted in Hillerstorp, this innovation mirrors Småland’s spirit of creating exceptional solutions with minimal resources, embodying the essence of being Småländsk. It aligns with the Swedish concept of "lagom," meaning just right - not too much, not too little, perfectly suited for its purpose. 


Heritage of Excellence

Rooted in a region with a challenging history, the Småländsk series reflects a tradition of excellence and thriftiness. These castors are designed to offer the technical benefits of larger models without unnecessary bulk, ideal for lighter duty applications. They symbolize a commitment to sustainability, utilizing 32% less material than traditional light-duty brackets, aligning with today's environmental priorities.


SW Smaland Group 2.45.jpg


Designed for Optimal Efficiency

The series is available in both large (140x110) and small (105x85) plate sizes, with future sizes of 200mm and 160mm planned, catering to a diverse range of applications. Each castor features a slim design, a thin profile for space efficiency, and a single ball bearing with SW-covers for durability. Designed for carts, trollies, and similar equipment, these castors support a maximum load of 200kg per castor, embodying the perfect balance of functionality and form.


A Reflection of Småländsk Values

The Småländsk castor series stands as a testament to Småland's innovative spirit and sustainable approach, offering a balance of quality, efficiency, and the Swedish principle of lagom. As we anticipate its release in Q3, this series is set to redefine material handling with a touch of Swedish ingenuity.


Småland Folder