Swede-Wheel Ningbo

Swede-Wheel Ningbo is growing fast. With a new location, Swede-Wheel Ningbo shifts the focus from being a logistics hub to a reflection of its Swedish counterpart. This means a major upgrade of the machinery and increased attention on testing and quality. The initiative is in line with the entire Swede-Wheel Group's vision, to create a easier everyday life for our customers.

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During 2021, Swede-Wheel Ningbo has made major investments to develop as much ownership of the manufacturing process and expertise in the products as possible, in line with Swede-Wheel group's overall strategy.

We can now proudly present a brand-new factory in Ningbo, built according to the same production and quality processes that we have in Sweden in large bright premises. The factory was inaugurated this summer and phase 1 of the development of Swede-Wheels' operations in Ningbo China is now completed.


With the investment in production, a broader competence base and greater ownership of the process, our goal is to be able to refine and become an even more competitive and competent supplier of wheels and castors in Asia and Oceania. Of course, we continue to work with Swedish quality requirements and strive to constantly improve the quality of our production and products.


The vision is always that the investments and developments we make should contribute to a simpler everyday life for our customers. The investment in China means that we become a more complete producer with greater flexibility and service for our customers in Asia/Oceania. The fact that we at the same time get environmental and sustainability upsides with locally produced is completely in line with the same investment that is being made in Sweden towards Europe. 


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