Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

2020 is coming to an end. It has been a challenging and different year marked by adaptations...

2020 is coming to an end. It has been a challenging and different year marked by adaptations to COVID-19, but also a year when we have learned a lot and changed in many ways. We have successfully launched new products, development and launch of a new web and found new ways to strengthen our cooperation with our fantastic customers. The work done in 2020 will be the foundation going in to 2021.

Despite the circumstances, we’ve managed to continue to focus on our environmental work and the development of more sustainable wheels and castors. This in itself has resulted in us, together with a customer, launching a new, more sustainable and environmentally conscious wheel on the market. This is done as part of an inspiring product series project where the customer really put their money were their mouth is in the work for a better sustainability. For us at Swede-Wheel, this work is just in its infancy and we will continue to focus on product development and more environmentally neutral manufacturing in 2021.

As for the web, the new version has been up for a while. If you want to give us a "Christmas gift" this year, do not be afraid to compile some constructive feedback or come up with ideas on how we can continue to develop the web to better meet your needs. In our eyes, the web is far from fully developed, we will continue to develop smart solutions to make your experience easier and better.

In conclusion of 2020, we really want to send a big thank you to all customers and partners - thank you for this year and we look forward to a strong development together with you 2021!