Updated & Expanded Pneumatic Range

Swede-Wheel has expanded the pneumatic range in close cooperation with a large OEM costumer and partner.

Swede-Wheel has expanded the pneumatic range in close cooperation with a large OEM costumer and partner.
The pneumatic market is a bit of a jungle when it comes to quality and price, it differs a lot, but one thing that’s pretty constant is the correlation between the two. We believe we’ve found a good level and balance between quality and price in the new range, suited for a wide range of users but specifically adapted to the our OEM customers.

Developing the new range we were aiming to find the best possible balance between demands on level of quality and expectations on price from our OEM clients. For example, we’ve chosen to use a use a butyl rubber tube. The butyl rubber is 10 times more air tight than natural rubber making our wheel better a maintaining air pressure over long periods of time than for example cheaper wheels with a tube made of natural rubber.

The new range is REACH, RoHS and PAH (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) approved, something we strive to meet in all our products. Compared to the tube, that is made to keep air pressure, it positive to have a high amount of natural rubber in the tire as the tires primary functions are to have a high abrasion resistance and create load capacity.  
The load capacity isn’t really dependent on the quality of rubber that’s used, it’s more the quality and number of plies that gives that capacity. The primary quality that a high amount of natural rubber gives is that the wheel gets a higher abrasion resistance compare to tires with lower quality rubber. The amount of natural rubber is also tied to PAH approval as PAH is built up in the process of regenerating rubber.
Another positive effect of having a high amount of natural rubber/low amount of PAH is that you don’t get the strong smell that low quality rubber has.
In our new range of pneumatic wheels we use 35% natural rubber, clearing the PAH limit easily and also, they don’t smell bad.

As an addition to the new range of pneumatic wheels we’ve also added a couple of PU-foamed wheels in the most common diameters and hub types. The PU-foamed wheel is often used in applications were the user is looking for similar characteristics to a pneumatic wheel, but with without the risk of getting a flat tires. On the down side, they are not made to handle as high load capacities.

If you have questions on quality of rubber, PAH approval or if you just want a good, solid pneumatic wheel in this jungle, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We are here to make it a little bit easier.