Swede-Wheels institutional castors, produced in Hillerstorp, Sweden. You might think “well, I’ve seen that one before” and “it’s all the same”. But we never stopped developing this Swede-Wheel product that is now very much part of our DNA today..

Today, we offer a range of institutional castors in diameter from 50 to 125mm with four (or to be honest, seven, but let’s focus on four) different properties, as listed below. The main product is the same as always, a solid and high-quality institutional caster with lots of different mounting details. But, to meet our clients demands and to be able to add value to their products and in turn business, we’ve continued to develop the castor and recently added both a green TPE option and a Soft tyre option, smoother then ever.


The Standard 
This is still Swede-Wheels flag ship product, a castor with a 85° Shore A TPE tyre. A trusted castor that works perfectly if you just need a good, solid wheel on your product.
For example, from the institutional castor range we got 30 different models with the standard 85° Shore A TPE castor in diameter 50-125 ready to be shipped the same day as you place your order, a concept we worked with fore years and call Swede-Wheel Express.

Soft (Smooth)
Just before Christmas we launched our new and “Smooth” or in other words soft castor. The thread is 55° Shore A meaning it will have a softer feel when mounted on, for example, a trolley decreasing vibrations and giving the user a more pleasant user experience.
This is it if you produce a trolley, if you are in the shopfitting industry or if you just look to get a smoother product overall. 

The green option is something we are really proud to be able to offer, this is our way to improve sustainability and our carbon wheel track.
Our Green TPE compounds display mechanical and physical properties close to and comparable to TPE compounds from fossil based raw materials. Rather than our standard TPE, which is made from fossil-based materials, this TPE is bio-based and 100% recyclable with parts of the content coming from biological or agricultural materials.

The institutional castor uses a plain bearing ESD wheel with hub in grey PA6 and TPE tread. If you’re familiar with our ESD-castors you might know that they were all black earlier. We updated this late last year to get a castor that’s more non-marking and at the same time we to follow and adapt to the market standard, which is grey.
The ESD wheels are designed to prevent a static charge from being built, e.g. on a trolley. As an example, to safely transport sensitive electronic equipment without risking exposing your products to an electric shock, you must remove static electricity from the trolley, through the wheels and further into your floor. Of course, the floor must also be conductive for the charge to be removed.
Our wheels have a maximum resistance of 1 MΩ.

As an additional option (the fifth one) we do also offer our plain bearing institutional castors with a  TPU thread if you need a strong and extremely wearable tyre.


As always, and we can’t say this enough, you can get above different castor properties in any colour you like. The TPE 85° Shore A even comes in all black (the sixth) as a standard, a castor that really had an upswing in our production the last year, of course in combination with all black housing.

And, as we've mention the other six different models we might as well mention that you can get the same range in all PP as well. well, there you go..