Helena Makes It Easier

Give a warm welcome to Helena who has joined the Swede-Wheel team. Between all her marathons she will play a big part in the development of the Sales team, as an Account Manager. We are super happy to spend the days with Helena and her, always happy characteristics!

Hello Helena! What have you been up to before you joined the Swede-Wheel team?

Before coming here, I have spent the last 4 years working in the sale of PLM and PDM systems, which are software in the field of 3D management.


What experiences do you bring to Swede-Wheel?

I bring my experience in sales, communication, and customer care but also development and the improving of internal processes and routines. At my last job I worked with software so it will be very fun to sell physical products now.


Why did you choose to come to Swede-Wheel?

I think Swede-Wheel is on an exciting journey. I see it as a great advantage that we have most of our production here in Hillerstorp. If I have questions about a wheel or a castor, I can walk 100 meters and talk with the person who made it it. There is an incredible amount of knowledge within these walls!

It is a great advantage when you come as a new in the wheel industry to be able to go down and in the production to build a deeper understanding of our products.



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What will be your biggest challenges?

My biggest and most fun challenge will be to learn the products that we have. You may think "it's just a wheel, it should roll", but there are very many aspects to consider. For example, heating, cooling, load and more. As well as a whole plethora of different material types that all affect function in their own way.


Was there anything you were surprised about when you first joined Swede-Wheel?

That there was such a large production here in Hillerstorp. Being able to see when the plastic enters one end as raw material, until it rolls out a finished wheel in the other part of the factory was something I didn't expect and something I was fascinated by.

As well as our own test center where Filip tests our wheels, for example putting them in a freezer or exposing them to various loads and driving them over obstacles.


Five quick ones.


What do you want to get better at?

Microsoft Excel


Do you have any hidden talent?

I'm mixing the world's tastiest Tom Collins


There goes a rumor that you are a cruel runner. What's your best tip?

Run slowly and far to avoid getting hurt, it's been a winning concept for me anyway 😊


What is the most important thing in a colleague?

High ceilings and to encourage and develop each other


What do you want to be famous for?       

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a famous horse rider, so I will need to say that!





Helena Andrén


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