Get to know our new R&D Manager, Hans "Hasse" Odin

We are incredibly happy to welcome Hans “Hasse” Odin as the new leader of the product development team. Below we want to introduce our new product manager to you.

Hans, you came to Swede-Wheel a few month ago. What are your impressions so far?

“I started by working in the different departments in production. It was a good introduction, as I learned about the products and at the same time met the people behind them. Many have worked in the company for years and have gathered a lot of experience. Invaluable knowledge that we can utilise in the development team when improving and developing new products of our own.  It feels as if there is a great spirit of openness and willingness to care for and guide each other.”


What is your work background?

“I have worked with product development at a number of companies within different sectors, but in somewhat different roles. Generally working in teams with projects in focus. The companies I was employed at make their own products, like Swede-Wheel. Some of the products that I have worked with are roof racks, bicycle racks, folding neck rests, air-water heat pumps, chain slings … If you’re planning to change your heating system, we can talk about that in a coffee break …”


How does/will a normal working day look?

“On Mondays, the development group will go through new assignments that have arrived from other departments, marketing, sales or production. We set priorities together, advise each other and decide what to work with during the week. Larger projects require the setting up of project groups. Different departments are always involved when bringing out new products.”


What is the best aspect of your job, and what do you most look forward to at the start of your journey with Swede-Wheel?

“Especially at the start of a new project there is a lot of scope for creativity. This together with working in a team and always learning new things. It feels as if there is a great open-mindedness and productive curiosity at Swede-Wheel. I also feel that there is a strong desire to develop new products, and in this way let the company grow.”


When you’re not working – what do you do? 

“I’m most likely with the family. In summer, it’s always fun every time I can dust down the motorbike. In winter, I like to snowboard. I also like working with my hands with different renovation projects. And I try to go to circuit training a couple of times a week.”