Focus: Ergonomic

Do you know that Swede-Wheel offer help to improve ergonomics in your workplace? A topic that is constantly growing in relevance at all workplaces is ergonomics. It’s important that the workplace, or task, is shaped in such a way that it’s as easy as possible to perform without unnecessary, tiring, or hazardous load.

Swede-Wheel's role in this may be obvious. The wheel was invented 5500 years BC for the very reason that it becomes easier to transport things. The original function of the wheel is part of our DNA. But for us this is a deeper issue, with small adjustments in the different technical characteristics of the wheel, the user experience is drastically affected.

We see it as our task to nerd ourselves down to the smallest molecule in the wheel's properties and impact and with that knowledge we can then, via our products, improve both the user experience and the sustainability in the use of the equipment you have that will be moved with the help of wheels.




In our test center, which in many ways serves as the heart of our competence work and product development, we have, among other things, a machine for assessing drag resistance. Here we can easily both set different wheel types against each other to see the strengths and weaknesses of different uses. But we can also take an entire trolley (e.g. your trolley) and do different types of drag and push tests to ensure that you have a wheel that, according to given conditions, offers the least possible resistance, i.e. is as easy and ergonomic to use as possible. 

If you want to investigate whether it is possible to improve drag and shooting ergonomics at your workplace, we are more than happy to help.