SWEDE-WHEEL AB expands in Germany

As the leading manufacturer of castors and one of the market leaders for wheels and castors in Scandinavia Swede-Wheel AB, based in Hillerstorp (SE) and with a subsidiary in Ningbo (CN), will significantly strengthen its presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by establishing a sales organisation and a distribution centre.

We are pleased to inform you that Swede-Wheel AB was able to win Mr. Hans-Joachim Schnur for the management position of the Swede-Wheel GmbH. Mr. Schnur is one of the most experienced personalities in the wheel and castor industry and will lead the expansion in close cooperation with the management team at Swede-Wheel AB.

Andreas Hildingsson, CEO Swede Wheel AB:

"In recent years we have grown our production capacity significantly, in Sweden as well as in China, by continuously investing in several different areas of development and hope to continue doing so till we are one of the most powerful wheel and castors manufacturers. Our production facilities in Sweden and China are top modern, highly automated and in technical forefront. Our team of engineers, technicians and sales staff is "State of the Art" enabling us to take the next step.  
As a part of this we now want to take our delivery capability and service to a new level, also with regard to the wishes of many European customers, and implement the desired expansion in the heart of Europe. We are excited to invest in Swede-Wheel GmbH and to do so in cooperation with Mr. Hans-Joachim Schnur. Let the journey begin.”


Swede-Wheel GmbH is still in the founding phase. For example a suitable location for a sales office and distribution centre in Germany is still being sought. More information on the launch of and investment in Swede-Wheel GmbH will follow. Contact information to Mr. Hans-Joachim Schnur is available on the Swede-Wheel web.