Welcome to Swede-Wheel new web - launched October 29th

Welcome to our new web

Wow. It’s been a long time coming and we are finally at the finish line. On the 29th of October we launched our new web, the one you are surfing right now, and with that the old web is now only a dear memory. All the products and the information you can find on www.swede-wheel.com will be available on the new web, but the structure and design of the web is different.

As an example and also the most significant change between the sites is that the new web will have a product search function with the possibility to choose specific technical data giving you the result fitting your requirements and request compared to the one we had that is built on tree structures mot like a digital catalog.

Like all changes it can sometimes be a little frustrating. We would like to ask you to be patient, tolerant in that nothing is perfect the first day and hope you can help us by giving feedback so that we can reach our goals as fast as possible – with the goal being to offer a tool that makes life easier for all of you, our clients and partners.

The web has several smart functions, most of which are only accessible as a logged-in user. Everyone that got an active log-in on the our present web can use the same one on the new web as well. If you haven’t got a log-in, ask your contact person to get one or send an request to marketing@swede-wheel.se and we’ll get back as soon as possible.

The 28th of October we will be holding open Microsoft Teams meeting available for everyone that wants to join and get a sneak peak/presentation of the new web. If you want an invitation to the meeting, send an email to marketing@swede-wheel.se or to your representative and we’ll add you to the meeting invite.


Smart List functions

You’ll be able to create and name lists were you can save products for easy access not havint to go throug the product search everytime. The best way to use this function for you? Only you can answer that, but we've tried to ad functions to make you work easier. Eg. you can..

- Create an RFQ document or order in pdf format based in the list
- Create and print a pdf catalog with a front and back page adapted and named the way you like
- Create a shortcut to your favorite products by saving them in lists

Product information

Are you looking to quickly get the cost of a wheel for a project etc. or are you looking for a quick answer if we got a product in stock or not?

You’ll see both your individual article prices and indication on stock level as a logged in user.

Of course you'll aslo be able to download CAD models in 14 different formats on most of our range of wheels.