LOGIVEY, our new product range brand within Swede-Wheel

We at Swede-Wheel take pride in listening to our customers. With an ear to the market, we are driven by your requirements. We call the result of our latest work LOGIVEY.

LOGIVEY is a concept where we put the workplace/material handling in the centre. The standard products have been available quite some time but is gaining new focus under the new product range brand and concept that is in more of an initiation/start-up phase. The aim is to develop and be able to offer Swede-Wheel’s customers a complete solution within light material handling and conveyors – with a clear perspective of systems thinking and with the main part of the products produced in Hillerstorp.

The LOGIVEY series is characterised by price effectiveness and high quality. We already offer a wide range of transporters with smart Add-On solutions. The LOGIVEY concept is based on Ad-On thinking, or systems thinking. It should be as modular as possible and simple to add further lengths, curves, gates, scales, stops, or any of our other Add-On products.

LOGIVEY is based on Swede-Wheel’s motto of making things simpler. This is why it’s simple to order LOGIVEY products, as well as to deliver and assemble them. The products come in flatpacks and are easily put together by following simple instructions.
Another important pillar within Swede-Wheel is that we are a producer. This also applies to LOGIVEY, where we develop and produce as many as possible of the components in the Add-On range in Hillerstorp.

If you want to read more about Swede-Wheel’s offers in general or about LOGIVEY in particular, or if you are interested in discovering products that meet your needs, you will find all this here on our web.