The world’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabel cleaning trolley

A sustainable future is important to Sanitation Technology in Västerås. With the cleaning system, Activa Green Cart System, the company is the world’s first to have a Nordic Swan Ecolabel cleaning trolley. Development has been ongoing for two years, in close collaboration with the state-owned company, Miljömärkning Sverige AB. Swede-Wheel contributed by resolving one of the most difficult challenges.

Hygienteknik  AB offers innovative and smart products, and solutions for professional users. The company’s customers are within the public sector, trade and industry, cleaning companies and property companies. To learn more about the cleaning system in general and the cleaning trolley in particular, we spoke with Johann Storbjörk, Production Manager at Hygienteknik.


First and foremost, congratulations on the world’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabel cleaning trolley! Tell us more about the project.

"Oh, thank you so much. Where do I begin? Since environmental work is an important part of Hygienteknik’s business philosophy, we began looking into a Nordic Swan Ecolabel cleaning system about two years ago. We already had several Nordic Swan Ecolabel cleaning products on offer, but we wanted to offer a complete system that meets the tough criteria of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The new Nordic Swan Ecolabel cleaning system, Activa Green Cart System, was launched at the Clean Facility trade fair in mid-November 2021. The system includes a Swan Ecolabel microfibre mop, six Swan Ecolabel microfibre cloths, three Swan Ecolabel 
window cloths and a Swan Ecolabel cleaning trolley."

Apparently, the castor was a challenging obstacle? How did that come about? 
"The castor was a difficult challenge and we had to test various solutions to find the right one. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel imposes requirements on what chemicals may be used in the manufacturing process. That ruled out the use of some plastics, but with the help of Swede-Wheel, we found a biodegradable and bio-based thermal plastic (TPE), which is one of the most eco-friendly plastic materials available. For the castor to be approved by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, it was also required that it could be dismantled using standard tools and that it could be disassembled for convenient waste sorting at source.
With Swede-Wheel as our proactive sounding board, we were able to solve the castor issue. We know from experience that Swede-Wheel is happy to help us with these types of issues, thanks to our long-term collaboration with them".