Swede-Wheel Group

Swede-Wheel Industrier AB the mother in the Swede-Wheel group. It’s owned and run by the Hildingsson family and with the headquarters is located in Hillerstorp, Sweden.
The Group is built on the manufacturing companies and with production of owned products as its core business.

Swede-Wheels local.

Swede-Wheel AB

Swede-Wheel AB was founded 1942 as Hjulfabriken (the Wheel Factory) and as per today we pride ourselves with being the nr.1 wheel producer in Scandinavia. The range spans from wheels that can handle up to 7,5 tons of dynamic load capacity and with diameters from 15-540mm.
The Swede-Wheel mission is to make things easier by putting things in motion – “Makes it easier”. The heaviest thing become easier to handle when you attach a couple of wheels.

Ningbos local.

Swede-Wheel Ningbo

Swede-Wheel Ningbo China was founded as a Quality and Logistics Center 2006. Today we primarily produce wheels for the Asian/Pacific market and is working as a Swede-Wheel AB subcontractor serving Europe secondly.
All wheels produced at QLC are tested according to the EN-standard and with the same equipment as used in Hillerstorp. Swede-Wheel QLC help clients both in plastic and in sheet metal fabrication and both with standard Swede-Wheel products and client specific solutions.

Swede-Wheel GmbH

Swede-Wheel GmbH is the group's latest reinforcement and serves as a local contact for our German-speaking customers. GmbH was founded in 2021 and the premises are located just outside Hamburg, which provides good relations with Sweden and the world. Swede-Wheel GmbH enables fast and flexible deliveries to customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and at the same time provides a local presence and a greater customer contact.

Hilfas production.


Hilfa was founded in 1965 and is a Swedish, leading manufacturer of standard components and individual solutions.
Hilfa offers a wide range of products such as knobs, levers, knobs, handles, adjustable feet and cover plugs. Their extensive standard range includes more than 300 main products with a total of 7000 different variants.
In Småland Hillerstorp there is their 5000 m2 facility with head office, product development, production, warehousing and packaging of all our products.

If what you are looking for is not in Hilfa's range, they can help you develop a new product with a brand new tool. It is also possible to customize their standard products with, for example, special colors and logos.

Visit Hilfa's website here >>