Grey pallet conveyer on a black background.

LOGIVEY. by Swede-Wheel

LOGIVEY, a concept and brand within Swede-Wheel.

At Swede-Wheel, we recently worked out new ambitious and long-term goals and started a new journey together. A journey characterized by our motto "joy" and with the guiding star in our Swede-Wheel slogan "Makes it Easier" as the back bone in all decisions we make along the way.

Around 2015, we developed a range of non-driven conveyors, which was then a smaller and complementary range to help a customer. Over the years, we have continued the development of smart solutions in material handling and with the growing range including some added related products, we have a well-developed offering that we will continue to investing in.

Simplified, it can be said that we have now chosen to put a collective name on the range we previously called conveyors, "LOGIVEY." with the addition "by Swede-Wheel". The addendum should clarify that LOGIVEY. is not its own company but a concept / brand within Swede-Wheel AB.

We wanted to do this/create LOGIVEY partly because we want to clarify and differentiate the product segment, both internally and externally. It can be seen as a type of natural fission within Swede-Wheel to create opportunities for a clearer focus where our expertise in both the LOGIVEY concept and our core business in wheel manufacturing is given space to develop the product and the concept freely from each other. The basis of this decision is of course that we see different needs in the different product segments. Both in how we sell the products, who the customers are and what their needs look like, all the way down to how we internally handle the products in production, picking, packaging, etc.

We also see that with our Ad-On concept within LOGIVEY we can fill a place in the market that makes it easier for our customers. With both production and development in Hillerstorp, we can offer an ever-growing range of smart products adapted to be added as a modular system, ie. as Ad-On.

To take the concept all the way, we have moved LOGIVEY to another physical warehouse in Hillerstorp. LOGIVEY is now available with development, warehouses, etc. on Brogatan together with Swede-Wheels' sister company LB-Plast. Here you will also find a well-developed exhibition where we can show of and test the products in environments made to simulate real life situations. The exhibition will be developed continuously as we add new products to the concept.


Within LOGIVEY we are using below values n everything we do.


It should be easy to find the right product, easy to order, easy to pack, transport and easy to use.
As an example, we should be able to offer Flatpack, Dropshipment service – to make it easier

Ad-On (Smart/Modular system)

When we develop new parts, it should be easy to add to the existing system, a type of modular thinking. You should be able to easily add additional products.

Environment / Locally produced

We will work all the way to influence the environment as little as possible. Something that we of course also work with throughout the Swede-Wheel. But then not only by buying greener electricity etc. but down to how we develop the products in what material choices are made, how we package etc .. There is incredibly much exciting to tackle here.


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