For 80 years Swede-Wheel has existed in the small town of Hillerstorp and for 80 years we have grown along side, and together, with the same community. In the same way the residence of, and around, Hillerstorp make Swede-Wheel a greater company every day, we want to give the same back to our community. 

IFK Värnamo

IFK Värnamo swept the Swedish football scene of its feet when they manage to win Superettan (2nd best division) on their first year and get a spot in Allsvenskan (the highest division). And they did this with the yongest troup in the leauge. 

The succes story that is IFK Värnamo is made with small means and a handfull of smartness and is a story that Swede-Wheel love to support!

Forza IFK Värnamo!



Kenny "StarFighter" Hong

Kenny is a professional Muay-Thai boxer from Hillerstorp and has quickly made a name for himself, in both the national and international fighting scene, as he is not only a Swedish champion but also Nordic. Now his sights are set on the Olympic Games in Japan, where Muay-Thai is making its Olympic entrance for the first time and where Kenny hopes to take a spot.

Swede-Wheel is incredibly proud to be a part of Kenny Hong's team!

Moa Carlsson

Also Moa is a Muay-Thai boxer from Hillerstorp. After grabbing the gold in Junior Swedish Championship, Moa quickly stepped up in the Senior class where, despite her young age of 19 years, manage to win gold. The goal is to win everything in the sport and to fight in the professional league. Next stop for Moa is the European Championships in Istanbul where she with her fast fighting-style of course fights for gold!


Swede-Wheel is a bronze partner to the local hockey team, HV-71. We support every home game together with our clients and colleagues.

Hillerstorp arena

A place where everyone can meet. An all-active house.

The arena is an activity center that is for everyone in Hillerstorp. The Arena was inaugurated in January 2022 with the aim of offering the community padel, tennis and boule. There is also a lounge area with a café where you can unwind after a tough match.

Several companies in the resort have been involved in sponsoring the construction and
for Swede-Wheel it was obvious to be part of the initiative.