Quality and environment

Swede-Wheel has long since focused on environment and quality. We work according to ISO 9001 with well documented handling and routines.

Sweden is a leading innovator in many global environmental issues and we work to Swedish recommendations both at home and abroad.

We recycle all chemicals in our production and sort our waste materials. Our production uses mostly recycled plastic material some products however require new plastic material due to quality demands..

All metal finishing is completed without the use of the harmful 6-worth chrome.


To ensure the product quality both in Sweden and China, we test our products according EN-standard or a Swede-Wheel standrad inspired by EN, e.g. in dynamic machinery. These tests are made as spot checking, when changing material or whatever the customer demands (in some cases on every customer despatch). We naturally have the same kind of testing proceedures both in Sweden and in our overseas production facilities.