Swivel castor 50 mm, with adjustable feet, PA6-wheel

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Swivel bracket with adjustable feet, top plate 73x73

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Diameter 50 mm
Totalt height 85 mm
Load Capacity (dynamic) 250 kg
Rolling resistance 1 = Heavy to roll, 5 = Easy to roll
Sound level 1 = Loud, 5 = Quiet
Wear 1 = Quick wear, 5 = Slow wear
Rust protection 1 = Low rust protection, 5 = Stainless
Diameter 50 mm
Totalt height 85 mm
Load Capacity (dynamic) 250 kg
Castor model Swivel
Fitting Top plate
Material Tread Nylon PA6
Plate Size 73x73 mm
CC Distance 58x58 mm
Thread hardness (Shore°) 75° Shore D
Width of tread 24 mm
Material Hub Nylon PA6
Top Hole 7 mm
Color Tread Black
Material Type RoHS (EU) - Approved
Offset 38 mm
Materialthickplate 5 mm
Height expansion 85 to 92 mm
Product Weight 0.69 kg
Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
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Article series

Diameter Totalt height Load Capacity (dynamic) Castor model Fitting Material Tread Plate Size CC Distance Thread hardness (Shore°) Width of tread Material Hub Top Hole
trh7555 40 mm 75 mm 50 kg Swivel Top plate Nylon PA6 55x55 mm 42x42 mm 75° Shore D 19 mm Nylon PA6 7 mm


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