Swivel castor 50 mm, with adjustable feet, PA6-wheel

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Swivel bracket with adjustable feet, threaded center hole M12

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Diameter 50 mm
Totalt height 85 mm
Load Capacity (dynamic) 250 kg
Rolling resistance 1 = Heavy to roll, 5 = Easy to roll
Sound level 1 = Loud, 5 = Quiet
Wear 1 = Quick wear, 5 = Slow wear
Rust protection 1 = Low rust protection, 5 = Stainless
Diameter 50 mm
Totalt height 85 mm
Load Capacity (dynamic) 250 kg
Castor model Swivel
Fitting Centre hole with thread
Material Tread Nylon PA6
Thread hardness (Shore°) 75° Shore D
Centre Bolt Hole M12 mm
Width of tread 24 mm
Material Hub Nylon PA6
Color Tread Black
Material Type RoHS (EU) - Approved
Offset 38 mm
Height expansion 85 to 92 mm
Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
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Article series

Diameter Totalt height Load Capacity (dynamic) Castor model Fitting Material Tread Thread hardness (Shore°) Centre Bolt Hole Width of tread Material Hub Color Tread Material Type
trh7500 40 mm 75 mm 50 kg Swivel Centre hole with thread Nylon PA6 75° Shore D M8 mm 19 mm Nylon PA6 Black RoHS (EU) - Approved


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