Pneumatic wheel

About Pneumatic wheel from Swede wheel

Pneumatic wheels are wide and elastic and suitable for outdoor use on gravel and grass. It also fits into lighter trolleys indoors that needs to cross over for example thresholds. Pneumatic wheels have a attenuating feature that gives the wheel unique benefits as it rolls over obstacles like a threshold or a rock. A wheel with an elastic tread would bounce over an obstacle while a pneumatic wheel floates over it, for example, leaving the load in the wheelbarrow instead of on the lawn and on the wall of the house.

A PU foamed wheel means a homogeneous polyurethane tire with air pores. It has similar properties as a pneumatic wheel, but it can not leak out air, and thus becomes maintenance-free. The attenuating feature of the pneumatic wheels is the same, but the rolling resistance is higher, so these wheels are best suited to lighter loads. At high static load for a longer period of time, the wheel may have a wheel plate. In unloaded mode, the wheel returns to its round shape after a certain amount of time.

Pneumatic och PU-foamed castors give the properties of the wheel with the possibilities of attaching it as a castor on e.g. a cart or the like.

Our castors are available with both welded housings for lighter weights (100kg / wheel dynamically) in diameter 200-400 and in sheet metal pressed housings for slightly higher weights (up to 450kg dynamically) in diameter 260mm.