Swivel castor 100 mm, heat resistant rubber-tyre, stainless

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Swivel bracket. Pressed stainless steel with double ball race swivel. Center hole fitting. Wheel axle with nut. Wheel with black heat resistant rubber-tyre. Hub made of black heat resistant phenolic. Plain bearing.

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Diameter 100 mm
Totalt height 128 mm
Load Capacity (dynamic) 120 kg
Rolling resistance 1 = Heavy to roll, 5 = Easy to roll
Sound level 1 = Loud, 5 = Quiet
Wear 1 = Quick wear, 5 = Slow wear
Rust protection 1 = Low rust protection, 5 = Stainless
Diameter 100 mm
Totalt height 128 mm
Load Capacity (dynamic) 120 kg
Castor model Swivel
Fitting Centre hole
Material Tread Rubber Heat resistant
Bearing Plain bearing
Thread hardness (Shore°) 85° Shore A
Centre Bolt Hole 13 mm
Width of tread 38 mm
Material Hub Heat resistant
Stainless Yes
Heat Resistant Yes
Color Tread Black
Material Type RoHS (EU) - Approved
Offset 42 mm
Material Thickness Bracket 2 mm
Product Weight 0.74 kg
Order item No
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Our industrial wheels can be divided into hard and soft wheels and come in a comprehensive range that ranges in variants from sandwich wheels and TPU to elastic rubber and PA6 all adapted to be mounted in an equally comprehensive range of different building series. All adapted to cover as many different needs and requirements as possible in light to medium-sized industrial applications and equipment for material handling.

This range is our fastest growing segment and also a major focus area for our development department. The production in Hillerstorp for this range is largely fully automated and we continue to constantly improve and broaden the number of variants to be able to meet future challenges in industrial applications and material handling.


For the heavier industrial wheel segment, also called heavy  duty castors, we have made strong partnerships and made large investments in stocking this segment in Hillerstorp in order to be able to supply the European market with a wide range of heavy duty wheels with short lead times.

Our heavy load range, which has a base in wheels with a cast PU web on a cast iron hub, includes wheels in 80-400mm in diameter and with a dynamic load capacity of up to 6.3 tonnes.