Round knock in socket, 08x13x34

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Plastic injected knock in sockets, round.

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Color Tread Black
Material Type RoHS (EU) - Approved
Diameter (Outer) 13 mm
Rolling resistance 1 = Heavy to roll, 5 = Easy to roll
Sound level 1 = Loud, 5 = Quiet
Wear 1 = Quick wear, 5 = Slow wear
Rust protection 1 = Low rust protection, 5 = Stainless
Color Tread Black
Material Type RoHS (EU) - Approved
Diameter (Outer) 13 mm
Diameter (Hole) 8 mm
Bush Height (Collar) 5 mm
Bush length 34 mm
Diameter(Collar) 16 mm
Product Weight 0 kg
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Article series

Color Tread Material Type Diameter (Outer) Diameter (Hole) Bush Height (Collar) Bush length Diameter(Collar) Product Weight Order item
271903408 Black RoHS (EU) - Approved 19 mm 8 mm 5 mm 34 mm 21.5 mm 0.01 kg Yes
271203408 Black RoHS (EU) - Approved 12 mm 8 mm 5 mm 34 mm 13 mm 0.01 kg Yes
272253408 Black RoHS (EU) - Approved 22.5 mm 8 mm 5 mm 34 mm 25 mm 0.01 kg Yes


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