With our retrofit snap on wheel brake, you can easily turn your institutional swivel castor into a braked version.

With directional lock on one or more swivel castors, you have the flexibility to use all four castors as swivel castors when needed, and in case a straight forward movement is required you just engage the directional locks.
A buffer minimizes the risk for damages. It keeps the trolley on safe distance away from walls and other equipment. The buffer rotates when in contact with for example a wall, except for when assembled to square tubes.

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Assembly details

With our expanding stems, you can assemble castors with center bolt hole attachment to both round and square tubes.

With our large range of headed spacers, bushes and locking washers, you can easily find a way to assemble the wheel in a technically secure way to your equipment.

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Floor Lock

A Floor Lock is a friction brake and an alternative to a braked castor, when demands on efficiency is high. The brake pedal is always available in the same position, and it is easy to activate and to unlock it! This saves the user a lot of time!

Often it is enough with one Floor Lock located in between the two swivel castors. If you need more friction to the floor, just add another Floor Lock. The Floor Lock can also be used in applications where a braked castor does not work, such as a castor set up where the central fixed castors have a higher building height and take up the entire load. In addition, the Floor Lock works better on slippery floors compared to when braked castors with hard wheels are used.

When the Floor Lock is activated it takes up some of the load from the carriage, corresponding to the spring force. Most of the load is still on the wheels! The bottom plate's rubber mat creates a friction against the substrate to ensure that the trolley is stable. Recommended spring depth is 5mm for the pressed steel Floor Lock and 3mm for the cast Floor Lock.

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