Pneumatic wheels are wide and elastic which makes them suitable for outdoor use on gravel, sand and grass. They also fit onto lighter trolleys that are used indoors that need to cross over thresholds etc. Pneumatic wheels have unique benefits as they are able to roll over obstacles and absorb uneven surfaces. A wheel with a harder tread would bounce over an obstacle whereas a pneumatic wheel would absorb the obstacle and keep the load safe, secure and stable.

PU-foam wheels

A PU foamed wheel means a homogeneous polyurethane tire with air pores. It has similar properties as a pneumatic wheel, but it can not leak out air, and thus becomes maintenance-free. The attenuating feature of the pneumatic wheels is similar, but the rolling resistance is higher, so these wheels are best suited to lighter loads. At high static load for a longer period of time, the wheel may have a wheel plate. In unloaded mode, the wheel returns to its round shape after a certain amount of time.


For these wider wheels we have developed castors with a wide fork leg width. Often there are limited loads to be transported on gravel or grass surfaces, with requirements for large wheel diameters.

Our serie PN has a slim economical construction with a limited load capacity, suitable for lighter applications.

Our serie PNL is a robust construction series that can withstand the shock loads that can occur in rougher environments.