Nylon/PA6 & PP

Nylon wheels are the most frequently used plastic wheels, and can be used at a wide range of applications. In case of lighter load the PP wheel (Polypropylene) can be used. 


Both wheels are non-marking, have a good load capacity, good wear resistance and low weight. They have a low rolling resistance on smooth surfaces, but can easily get stuck on obstacles, such as cavities or grains of pebbles. PP wheels in room temperature has compared to nylon wheels an even better resistance to many chemicals with a good resistance to water, oils, organic solvent and alkalis, but a less good resistance to cold temperature and to UV-radiation.

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Wheels with TPU tread are relatively hard and suitable for indoor use on smooth floors. Good alternative to nylon wheels when they give a too high noise level.

Wheels with TPE tread are softer than TPU, with a better ability to absorb cavities in the floor and to reduce noise.,

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Rubber wheels, compact and elastic

Rubber wheels are floor protective and reduce noise.

Compact rubber wheels are harder with a low elasticity and is best suited for light loads.

Elastic rubber wheels are softer with a low rolling resistance, long service life and a  good ability to absorb chock loads.

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Use wheels with cast polyurethane tread when the requirements on load capacity, noise reduction, floor protection and low rolling resistance is high! We have a wide range of wheels to suit your actual need. The standard quality with flat tread will cover most needs, but in case you need the rolling resistance to be really low, choose our superelastic PU wheels. The range of superelastic wheels with convex tread has a high maneuverability in tight spaces, select the softer in 83° Shore A for medium weight trolleys maneuvered by hand, otherwise the harder in 93° Shore A.

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