Institutional brackets

We offer a variety of pressed steel institutional brackets, most of these produced in our Hillerstorp factory. Our ranges offer you a high quality but also a great freedom of choice in giving you a design language that suits today's modern requirements.

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Industrial brackets

We offer no less than eleven pressed steel industrial bracket ranges, from 140 to 800 kg load capacity. The goal is to at all times be able to offer an optimal solution. All our bracket ranges offers a swivel head with double ball races.

As a complement to these bracket ranges, we offer a variety of products that make your material handling solution efficient. 

We offer directional locks, automatic return bracket, foot protection boxes and floor locks. We offer doublebrakes on the trailing side accessible when you roll the trolley in front of you, or on the offset side accessible when you pull the trolley after you. In addition, we offer a bracket range with a fixed brake pedal that is always accessible on the side where you mounted it.

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Welded brackets

Our welded brackets have a robust top plate with an integrated center bolt. They are available in four plate sizes with a load capacity from 1500 kg to 7500 kg. Its construction with a precision ball bearing for vertical loads and a conical ball bearing for horizontal loads ensures a very low swivel resistance and great resistance to shock loads. The three larger top plates are also available as double wheel castors. Dual wheels distribute the load over a larger area and also have a lower swivel resistance resistance than single wheels.

As a complement, we offer the H serie with a strong top plate but with a simpler swivel head bearing, both as a single wheel and as a double wheel castor. This serie has a single-row ball bearing with a CNC-turned and hardened ball bearing race. The swivel head is well sealed and has a grease nipple. The ball bearing connects the top plate and the fork, and a center bolt is not necessary. It has a large resistance to shock loads, but with a higher swivel resistance, and is best suited for towing applications.

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Our range of heat-resistant brackets has been developed to withstand extreme temperatures. They are often used for up to an hour long cycles in heat in, for example, bakeries.

Our stainless steel bracket ranges are suitable for use in, for example, the food industry where great demands are made on cleanliness, or in environments where stainless steel is required for a long service life. The brackets are pressed with high-quality stainless Chrome-Nickel steel (1.4301 / AISI304).

If you are short of space at the height, you can use our low-profile castors. Our LB50 with cast iron wheel can withstand 270 kg but the building height is only 64 mm!

Swivel brackets designed for large wheels such as pneumatic tires. Choose between the PN serie with a slimmer construction and our robust PNL series that can withstand tougher environments.

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