Institutional, plastic and furniture

Swede-Wheel offers a very wide standard range of institutional, plastic and furniture castors of all kinds. 

As an example the institutional castor in diameter 50-125mm is the flagship of the production in Hillerstorp. We offer a wide range in stock, with miltiple different mounting details and the possibility to get the wheels in ESD, with Green TPE and in different Shore A. 

The larger part of the range is also available in ESD and Stanless. You'll find moe information on this in the segemnt "Wheels and castors for specific use". 

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Industrial castors

Hard & soft wheels in an extensive range reaching from Sandwich and TPU to Elastic rubber or PA6 made to fit different series/ranges of houses all adapted to cover the essential needs and demands on wheels and castors made for light to medium industrial use or material handling on carts and trolleys. 

This range is the fastest growing segment for Swede-Wheel and a focus area for our R&D. The production in Hillerstorp for this range is at large fully automated and we keep improving and widening the variations to be ready for the future challenges in material handling applications.

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Heavy duty

With strong partnerships and a large investment in keeping stock in Hillerstorp we can provide the European market with a wide range of heavy duty castors with short lead/delivery times. Our range, spans over wheel diameters from 80-400mm and with a dynamic load capacity of up to 6300kg.

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Pneumatic & PU-foam

Pneumatic wheels are wide and elastic and suitable for outdoor use on gravel and grass. It also fits into lighter trolleys indoors that needs to cross over for example thresholds. Pneumatic wheels have a attenuating feature that gives the wheel unique benefits as it rolls over obstacles like a threshold or a rock.

Our range is put together to fit a wide range of usage and users but is especially adapted for our OEM customers. 

All pneumatic and PU-foam wheels are approved according to REACH, RoHS och PAH.

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Our stainless steel castors are designed to withstand corrosive environments. They are suitable for use in the food industry, where high demands are made on cleanliness, but also in other corrosive environments where stainless steel is required for a long life. The castors are pressed with high quality stainless steel Chromium nickel steel (material No. 1.4301 / AISI304). Swivel head with double ball races, joined with a stable KingPin. All parts including the axle materials are made in stainless steel materials.

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Wheel and castors for a specific use

We have a solution to virtually all your needs for wheels and castors!

Here we have gathered products with specific characteristics adapted to meet all the many different requirements of our many different wheel users.

E.g. ESD, pallet truck wheels, bakery castors, shopping carts, steering wheels and much more. 

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Castor housing range

We divide our range of castor houses into 4 different categories being Institutional, Industrial, Welded and Specific use. 

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