LOGIVEY by Swede-Wheel

LOGIVEY is Swede-Wheels brand for products within non-motorized conveyors and lighter material handling. Below you'll find a presentation of the range, if you want to know more about the brand idea etc. follow this link. 


Gravity conveyors create efficient flows. Both for moving goods but also as a storage area. The leg supports are adjustable in height and the roller bed can be adjusted to provide the required gravitational assistance to the goods you want to move. With a slight inclination, you get help manually pushing a package at a packing station. With a larger gradient, the goods will roll away solely by gravity.
In order for your goods to roll easily, it should always be in contact with at least three rollers. Place the rollers with a c/c dimension which is the minimum width of the box divided with three. If the bottom of the box is uneven, or soft, the spacing must be tighter.
Our conveyors are delivered in three lengths. If that is not enough to create the required total length, you can cut the side profiles yourself to your requirements. The load capacity is limited either by the side profiles or by the load capacity of the rolls, and is stated as load per meter for a spreaded load. Extra leg supports gives less deflection of the side profiles, therefore the load capacity per leg support spacing is indicated.

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Ball units

Ball unit tables is a great way to build efficient workplaces for the handling of boxes. Place the ball units with a c/c dimension that equals to the smallest width of the box divided into three. There are several different ways to mount the ball rollers, choose the right model below.
Ball units are designed to be used with the ball upwards. If you still want to use it with the ball downwards, the rule of thumb is that the load capacity is halved. Lifetime is also affected by how clean and tidy the floor surface is.

With clips, you effectively mount the immersed BUSP ball rollers. First attach the clip from above, then push the ball unit down. The clips lock the ball unit.

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Most commonly flowracks are used in pallet rackings for the throughput of boxes and cartons, first in - first out. But you also have the flexibility to build a miniconveyor according to your own ideas! Place the rollers with a c/c dimensio that fits to the smallest width of the box divided by three. Or tighter if the goods are heavier!

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