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LOGIVEY by Swede-Wheel

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Sustainable production

We always strive to be better and more environmentally neutral at Swede-Wheel. We are constantly testing and pushing the boundaries to reduce our impact on the environment. As an example, we are working with a new cutting edge digital tool that enables planning of our transports around the world in a more environmentally friendly way. Together with our subcontractors, we also develop wheels with more environmentally neutral materials.

To sum it up. Regardless of what we develop in our business, the environmental aspect has an important part in process and in the outcome.

Wheels for carts and trolleys

Superelastic Convex 93° Shore A 

Cast orange-brown elastic polyurethane in hardness 93°Shore A with a convex tread, much like the green castor in 83° Shore A, offer a very low rolling resistance, smooth and noiseless running. The convex tread gives less contact area and reduced swivel resistance, which makes it suitable for manually operated trolleys and trolleys that needs to able to easily change directions in small areas.
The areas of common use is pretty much the same as the softer green wheel with a convex tread. The biggest difference is that there is less power needed to start the applications that the wheels is assemble to with the harder thread making it more suited to a little heavier applications than the green.


Made in Sweden with world-class automation

At Swede-Wheel in Hillerstorp, we have state-of-the-art production of both plastic and sheet metal and automation in absolute world class. Thanks to this, we can compete in an international market.

Check out our company presentation in video to get a quick insight into our production, follow the link.