Wheels and Castors



Swede-Wheel was founded in 1942 and is Scandinavia's leading wheel manufacturer. Briefly offers wheels that can handle weights up to 7.5 tons, with a diameter from 15-400 mm.

Our mission is to make life easier by speeding things up. The heaviest thing becomes easy to handle when you put wheels under it.

Our roots stretch from Hillerstorp to Ningbo in China.
Hillerstorp in Småland has our head office with product development, production, warehousing and packaging of wheels in all its forms. We have a subsidiary in Ningbo (Swede-Wheel QLC, China).



We are proud to present our new, Småland wheel. With its 200 mm diameter and 200 kg load capacity, this is the perfect castor for you who want the properties of a large wheel but don't want it to be heavy and bulky.

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One grey furniture castor.

WikiWheelia - Furniture Castors

Combine form and design with function and practical use. With furniture castors from Swede-Wheel, you don't have to choose.


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WikiWheelia - Castors

Learn more about Castor at WikiWheelia! There, we have gathered valuable information about everything you need to know about wheels and castors!


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Christian Makes it Easier

Christian is the team leader of the plastics department where he leads a team of four operators who together runs nine injection molding machines. The plastics department can be called the heart of production as all parts of the production affect and are affected daily by it.



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Slideability is a term that has gained significant traction in the industrial and logistics sectors. The attribute refers to the ability of a trolley or cart to slide smoothly into a tight space using castors. The concept of slideability emerged as a result of feedback from end-users who desired greater ease of movement.

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One of Swede- Wheels machines.

Made in Sweden with world-class automation

At Swede-Wheel in Hillerstorp, we have state-of-the-art production of both plastic and sheet metal and automation in absolute world class. Thanks to this, we can compete in an international market.

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